Mano Princesė Katės Akis LT had a very successful first show 2016.08.06-07d. in Trakai: she won BEST BABY on both days, while in blue cat category she won BEST BABY, BEST OF BEST!!!
NW15, IC(FIFe), ECH (WCF) Zariana Kates Akis LT, based on 2015 results, won 2nd place in most beautiful cat contest of LGAC club.

I am very happy and proud about NW15, IC(FIFe), ECH (WCF) Zariana Kates Akis LT new title NW15 - National Winner of Latvia!!!
It is received by summing up the results from FIFe shows. Beautiful Zariana did well in WCF World show in Riga on 2016.03.26-27 - she closed European Champion title, on the second day of the show won 5th place in WCF Adult and Master rings, selected as the best British shorthair of the show, won the title of the most beautiful cat in 3rd category - BEST OPP. SEX !!!

The end of 2015 was successful for Kates Akis cattery in terms of show achievements:
In an international show in Moscow, RU on 2015.12.05 Ferdinandas Kates Akis LT became BEST of BREED, won 4th place in WCF Kitten Ring (out of 35), BOB kitten!!! Zariana Kates Akis LT in an international Baltic Cup show in Riga won 1st place in WCF ring out of 51 cats, BEST of BEST 2, selected as the most beautiful british female in show :)
In international WCF shows in Lithuania: Best of Best 2nd and 4th place, FIFe show in Vilnius - the most beautiful cat of 3rd category on both days!!!
I am very happy about those achievements!!!

Zariana, Gajus, Hermiona did great in an International Cat Show in Vilnius on 2015 11 14-15
Zariana Kates Akis LT was 6th out of 34 cats in WCF adult ring on the first day of the show, while Gajus was 2nd out of 45 kittens in WCF ring.
On the second show day Gajus Kates Akis LT was chosen as the best male in 3rd category, while Hermiona - best female in 3rd category :)

Zariana Kates Akis LT achievments in shows makes me very happy:
International FIFe cat show in Riga, 19-20.09.2015 Zariana Kates Akis LT 9 class 2*EX 1, 2*CAC, 2*BIV, 2*NOM BIS, BEST IN SHOW!!!
WCF International cats show (club Top Miau) 26.09. 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania Ex1, CACIB, WCF Adult Ring 9th place (out of 46 participants)
27.09.2015 Ex1, CACIB, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST 4 WCF International cats show (club LGAC) Kaunas, Lithuania
03.10.2015 Zariana Kates Akis LT (female) – EX 1, CAGCIB, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST 3
04.10.2015 - WCF ADULT Ring - 1st place (out of 21) – Judge Mrs. Anna Nazarova (Russia) Ex1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM BIS
Ferdinandas Kates Akis LT jau iskovojo pergales savo pirmoje parodoje: 03.10.2015 WCF International cats show Reutov, RU
Ferdinandas Kates Akis LT BEST KITTEN WCF KITTEN RING - 4

I am very happy about the following achievements of my cattery in LGAC club ratings:
Zariana Katės Akis LT - 2nd place among the best young females!
Uldis Katės Akis LT - 3rd place among best young males!
Veislynas Katės Akis LT - 5th among the best LGAC club catteries!

Zariana Kates Akis LT in a FIFe world show in Prague on 2014.10.25 was nominated EX2 in competition of four cats in youth category. Competitors were from good and well known catteries. In addition, we participated in the biggest international cat show in the Baltics "BALTIC CUP 2014", which was held in Riga.
Our achievments:
Barbe Kates Akis LT: FIFe: Ex1, NOM BIS, BRI "Ladies only" - BEST KITTEN 


Cats of the cattery are doing great in shows: on 04-05.10.2014 in an International WCF show in Kaunas, litter "B" was nominated to the most beautiful cats' of the show competition, Barbe Kates Akis LT won BEST OP SEX BABY on both days, Atlanta Kates Akis LT - NOM BIS, in a specialized Tabby cat competition - BEST KITTEN, BEST OF BEST, Zariana Kates Akis LT - BEST JUNIOR 3 cat.!!! In an international FIFe show in Balstoge PL on 11-12.10.2014 Perkunas van de Kaayenberg received two more CAC and became a CHAMPION. Zariana Kates Akis LT was nominated EX1 and NOM BIS in competition, and Mona Kates Akis LT made us very happy on the second day of the show: Ex1, CAC, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST 2!!!

We did great in an International WCF show in Siauliai on 2014 05 17-18: Valentinas Katės Akis LT BRIa male (for sale) was BEST OPPOSITE SEX KITTEN 3 cat. both days; Vaidile Katės Akis LT: WCF RING Junior - 2nd place!!! Ex 1, CACP, NOM BIS, BRITISH CAT SHOW - BEST KITTEN!!! Zacharijus Katės Akis LT was Best Opposite sex Baby on both days, Zariana Katės Akis LT - BEST BABY on both days!!! 2014.05.18 - WCF RING Junior - 2d place!!! BRITISH CAT SHOW - BEST BABY !!!


We spent a wonderful weeking in Kaunas on 2014 03 22 - 23: SC, WCH Double Master Uldwyna's Cael Caibre was nominated as the second best cat of the WCF World show BEST OF BEST 2, won 3rd place in World Champion show out of 10 cats! I am very happy that Cael Caibre is the best cat in LGAC club in 2013!!! Ursas Katės Akis LT was nominated as the BEST KITTEN of all breeds in the WCF World show on both days!!! On Saturday Ursas won 6th place out of 48 kitens in WCF Junior ring, while on Sunday - THE FIRST place out of 33 kittens!!! 

The boys from my cattery performed well in international WCF show in Vilnius on 2013 12 14-15: Perkunas van de Kraayenberg was nominated to BEST, EX1 and CACJ on both days, and won 1st place out of 27 cats in WCF Junior Ring! Our most titled male cat WCH, Double Master, SC Uldwyna's Cael Caibre DSM, DVM won HP, NOM BIS, BOB 2 on both days and won 8th and 2nd place in WCF adult ring respectively!!!

Cattery's achievements in the international cat show in Šiauliai on 2013 10 12-13: SC (FIFe) WCH (WCF) Double Master Uldwyna's Cael Caibre DSM, DVM - 2x Ex1, 2x HP, 2x NOM BIS, WCF RING ADULT 2 (out of 35 cats) and 4th place (out of 37 cats), BRITISH SHOW - BEST MALE, BEST OF BREED. Saulė Katės Akis LT BRIj: 2x Ex1, 2x CACP, WCF KITTEN RING 2nd place (out of 32 kittens). Spurga Katės Akis LT BRIg: Ex2, Ex1, CACP, NOM BIS, BEST KITTEN of 3rd category.

Pudra Katės Akis LT and Otava Katės Akis LT participated in a FIFe show in Helsinki on 2013 07 28. Both girls were evaluated well by the judges and received Ex1, while Pudra was also the best amongh all blue brits in the show - she won BIV TOTAL. Otava Katės Akis is for sale.

My cats performed well in a Jelgava FIFe show on 2013 07 20 - 21. Litter "P" was nominated to BEST, as was their very titled father Ulwyna's Cael Caibre.


Litter "O" on Saulkraste (LV) show on 2013 06 09 was nominated to Best, while a boy Oliveris BRIns2262 won BIV TOTAl on 2013 06 08 :)

Fredi Kates Akis won TRIPPLE MASTER title on Talin show (WCF system). He is the second cat to win such a title, which will also be included in the pedigrees of his offsprings!!!

Nike Kates Akis LT BRIns2262 performed well in a WCF show in Saint Petersburg on 2013 06 01-02: she won CAC on both days and 3rd place out of 24 cast in WCF Adult Ring!!!

Cynthia Kates Akis LT enjoys the fame on the top of Rusian ratings for the second year in a row. This year she was nominated as THE BEST FEMALE BRITISH SHORTHAIR IN RUSSIA in 2012!!!

The pride of our cattery - male SC, WCH Uldwyna's Cael Caibre, Double Master, DVS - performed perfectly in a show in Warszawa on 2013 01 26-27. He won BIV, NOM BIS and BIS on both days, thus he now holds yet another honorable title in FIFe system - DSM!!!

Uranija Kates Akis LT received her last CACS certificates in Warsaw show on 2013 01 26-27 and now has a SC title!!!

Kometa Akis LT and Jelizaveta Kates Akis LT participated in a FIFe show in Sopot on 2012 08 04-05. They received EX1 on both days, while Jelizaveta was additionally nominated to the election of the most beautiful cats!

Our cats performed really well on the WCF show in Vilnius: on 2012 09 08 WCH (WCF) SC (FIFe) Uldwyna's Cael Caibre, Double Master, DVM won the 2nd place among the best cats of the show BOB2, whil Leonardo Kates Akis won BIS BABY. Litter "L" and Luno Kates Akis LT were nominated to Best! On 2012 09 09 WCH (WCF) SC (FIFe) Uldwyna's Cael Caibre, Double Master, DVM and Luno Kates Akis LT won NOM BIS! Litter "L" - BEST LITTER!!! Leonardo Kates Akis LT - BEST BABY, 5th place in WCF Ring!!!

In a WCF world show in Warszawa on 2012 09 29-30 WCH (WCF) SC (FIFe) Uldwyna's Cael Caibre, Double Master, DVM was nominated to BEST on both days, while GIC Uranija Kates Akis LT won EX1 and CAGCIB on both days and closed the title of Grand International Champion! Litter "L" was nominated on both days and won the BEST LITTER of the show title on Sunday.

In an international WCF show in Siauliai on 2012 10 13 Uranija Kates Akis won Ex1, CACE, NOM BIS; Josera Kates Akis LT won EX1, NOM BIS; Leonardo Kates Akis LT - BEST KITTEN and 6th place in WCF RING!!! Laimis Kates Akis - 10th place in WCF RING. On 2012 10 14 in a BRITISH CAT SHOW our WCH (WCF), SC(FIFe) Uldwyna's Cael Caibre Double Master, DVM won the BEST MALE, BEST OF BEST 2, while GIC Uranija Kates Akis LT won the BEST FEMALE!!! Laimis Kates Akis LT - 10th place in WCF ring in the group of BEST KITTEN SL; Leonardo Kates Akis LT - 7th place in WCF ring in BEST KITTEN of shorthair group!!

Nike Kates Akis was nominated on both days and won BEST KITTEN in 3rd category on the second day in a FIFe show in Oslo on 2012 11 24-25!!! There were 443 cats in the show!

In WCF show in Vilnius on 2012 11 24-35 Laimis Kates Akis LT won Best Op Sex the first day and BEST KITTEN in SL group on the second day.

On the 1st and 2nd of December Laimis Katės Akis participated in a multisystem show "Sodruzestvo" in Moscow together with 1700 other cats. He was nominated as the BEST KITTEN in LH group on both days in the sector of WCF system!!!

I am very proud of Fredi Kates Akis LT achievements - he became a WCH only at the age of one year and four months!!! He is nominated as the best male in most of his shows!

It is also nice to see how Ivona Kates Akis develops. She won BEST OP SEX in the WCF show in Volgograd on 2012 12 23!

Ingrid Katės Akis LT performed really well in her first show on 16-17.06.2012 in Cesis LV - Ex1, BIV.


Jelizaveta Katės Akis LT was praised by judges and evaluated with EX1 on both days. She is for sale.


In the worldwide WCF show in Saint Petersburg RU on 16-17.06.2012 Fredi Katės Akis LT received his very first EC certificate and was nominated as BEST OF BREED among 25 BRI cats!
My cats performed nicely on WCF show in Anykščiai LT:  Kometa Katės Akis LT Ex1, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST BABY 23.06.2012, Ex1, NOM BIS, WCF KITTEN RING 7 (24 cat, 24.06.2012). She is for sale.
Komandoras Katės Akis LT: Ex1, NOM BIS, BEST OP SEX BABY 23.06.2012, Ex1, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST BABY 24.06.2012. He is for sale.
Jupiteris Katės Akis LT: Ex1, NOM BIS 2012.06.23, Ex1, NOM BIS, BEST OP KITTEN, WCF KITTEN RING 10 (24 cat, 2012.06.24) Jelizaveta Katės Akis LT was nominated EX1 on both days, FOR SALE.
Ingrid Katės Akis LT was nominated Ex1 on both days, WCF KITTEN RING 7 (out of 34 kittens 2012.06.23)
SC (FIFe) WC (WCF) Double Master Uldwyna's Cael Caibre DVM Ex1, HP 23.06.2012, Ex, HP, BIV, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST 1!!! 

Uldwyna's Cael Caibre on 31.03.2012 WCF show in Vilnius was nominated as the best cat in show BOB1!!! On 08.04.2012 in Moscow, Cael won the World Champion title in WCF system.
Fredi Katės Akis LTstarted his carreer in adult cat class very sucesfully on 29-30.04.2012 in Sosnovskij Bor RU. He received BOB 2, Best of Best British shorthair on both days and won WCF ring 2nd and 6th places accordingly. On 06.05.2012 in Vyborg RU Fredi Kates Akis LT won BOB 3 !
On 12.05.2012 in Celiabinsk RU Fredi was amazing - BEST OF BEST 1, 2nd place in WCF Ring!!! He also received a special prize from belgian judge B.Pepermans!
Escada Kates Akis LT performs nicely in Belgium - she already holds a title of International Champion!
I am very glad about nice performance of Ivona Kates Akis LT on11.05.2012 in FIFe show in Kaunas LT:  Ex1, BIV (11-12 class), NOM BIS !

GEC (WCF) SC (FIFe) Double Master Uldwyna's Cael Caibre DVM was nominated as the winner of "Sodruzestvo" show rating on 2011.
On 17-18.03.2012 WCF world cat show in  Riga, Cael won a honorable DOUBLE MASTER name buy winning first place in Double Master ring!

Up until being ų months old, Fredi Katės Akis LT achieved these in WCF shows:
 12 times - 1st place in WCF Junior ring,
Best of Breed - 7 times, Best Baby - 2 times, Best Kitten - 8 times, Best Junior - 2 ktimes! COngratulations to Julia & Aleksej from "Alimur's" cattery .
Cynthia Kates Akis LT, according to the results of WCF shows of 2011 is the 15th BEST female cat in Russia and the BEST british shorthair in Junior category!
Congratulations to Tatjana, cattery "Luxury Pride".
GEC(WCF) Double Master SC(FIFe) Uldwyna's Cael Caibre DVM - the BEST cat in 3rd category in Latvia!

Our cattery and it's star Cael Caibre Uldwyna's were described in russian magazine "Moi drug - koshka"!!!!

You can download the full article from here.

Cael Caibre triumphed in WCF show in Warczawa: 12-13 03 2011 - Ex1, CACIB, BIV, NOM BIS, BOB1 on both days, WCF Ring 1, Master Ring 1 Uranija Kates Akis LT received Ex 1 CAC, Ex 1 CACIB, both days was nominated to Best on the very same show! Cynthia Kates Akis LT in Uljanovsk 12-13 03 2011 follows the path of her father: was nominated as BEST JUNIOR, BRI Show BOB, 1st place in WCF ring on both days! Cindy Kates Akis LT TICA in Moscow show on 19-20 02 2011 finals won 3rd, 4th and 8th places respectively and final result - 10th place among all youngsters in the show! Cindy Kates Akis LT on WCF show in Moscow on 29-30 01 2011 was nominated as best british shorthair cat in the show! NOM BIS and WCF ringe 7th and 10th places both days!

On 2010 12 18-19 WCF show in Vilnius Cail Caibre won Ex1 x2, CACIB x2, NOM BIS x2, BOB1, BOB2, WCF Adult ring 1, WCF show British Shorthair BEST MALE, BEST OF BEST Cindy Kates Akis LT in Moscow on 2011 01 08-09 won Ex1 x2, NOM BIS x2, WCF-3, WCF-4, BEST SH kitten, BEST of BEST BRI kitten, BEST of BEST BRI SHOW Cynthia showed of well in shows of Samara (RU): 2010 12 18-19 d. Ex1 x2, NOM BIS x2; 2011 01 07-08-09 Ex1 x3, NOM BIS x3 BEST SH kitten, WCF-2, WCF-5, WCF-5
Cynthia astonishes us with Tatjana by results in shows: 2011 01 15-16 in Uljanovsk (RU) - became BEST KITTEN in BRI ring, obtained 4th place in WCF ring, Ex1 x2, NOM BIS x2 Congratulations :)
Cindy on days 29-30 in WCF show in Moscow was just perfect: Ex1, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST BRI SHOW, WCF ring 10th and 7th places. Sincere congratulations to Inna Gvivcova :)

On 27-28 11 2010 we participated in Turku (FIN) show with Cail Caibre and his kids and 800 more cats. Results are wonderful: on days 27-28 Cail Caibre received CACS, BIV, NOM BIS. And his daughters were as good as the father is: on 27th Cynthia reicevid Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS, on 28th Cindy reiceived Ex1, NOM BIS Cukero Ex1.

Uldwyna's Cail Caibre is doing well in shows: FIFe system in Vilnius: 2010 10 02 CACS, BIS NOM, BEST OPP. SEX; 2010 10 03 CACS, BIV, BIS NOM.
WCF in Vilnius: 2010 10 16 CAC, NOM BIS; 20010 10 17 CACIB, NOM BIS, BOB 1st place!!!
Kittens litter "c" received NOM BIS both days!!!
Cael Caibre on 2010 08 21-22 show in Olsztyn received BIV, BOS cat 3 both days and Zizi Top Katės Akis received EX1, NOM BIS both days as well!

We were the most beautiful blue British shorthair cats in the show of Bialystok (PL) on 2010 06 16-27!!!:) Saturday results: Zizi Top Kates Akis received EX1, NOM BIS! IC Cail Caibre Uldwyna's won EX1, CAGCIB, BIV, NOM BIS, BOS in 3rd category!!!
Sunday results: Zizi Top Kates Akis got EX1, BIV, NOMBIS. IC Cail Caibre Uldwyna's achieved EX1, CAGCIB, BIV.

Cats of the cattery have succesfully demonstrated good physical "shape" again :)
2010 06 12 Zizi Top Katės Akis LT was given EX1, BIV and Kitten NOM.
IC Uldwyna's Cael Caibre received EX1 CAGCIB, BIV and judge's
Mrs. M. Westerlund special simpathy prize.
On 13th of June, Zizi Top Katės Akis received EX1.
IC Uranija Katės Akis overcame all the blue cats (EX1 CAGCIB) and in fight for BIV gave up for IC Uldwyna's Cael Caibre, who received EX1, BIV, BIS NOM.

Zizi Top Katės Akis was successful on Hyvinkaa show in Finland, 2010 06 05-06: she received BIV TOTAL on the first day and NOM BIS on the second!!! This kitten is for sale!
CH Uldwyna Cail Caibre and CH Uranija Katės Akis received double CACIB and closed their interchampiono title. Cail Caibre received NOM BIS and BIV on the second day :)

Fantastic success was guiding cattery "Kates Akis" throughout WCF show held in Vilnius:
2010 03 20 d. Uranija Katės Akis received Ex1 CAC, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST - 2nd place! WCF ring -5th place!! Uldwyna's Cail Caibre - Ex1 CAC, BIV. WCF ring - 3 place!
2010 03 21 d. Uranija Katės Akis won Ex1 CAC, NOM BIS, BEST OPOZIT SEX in 3rd category! Uldwyna's Cael Caibre Ex1 CAC, NOM BIS, BEST OF BEST - 1st place!

I am very proud about the achievments of my cats in Lithuanian Top Cat contest:
SC Paloma Picasso Roxera*LT - 2nd place among females!;
IC BonBon de Noble*LV - 3th place among females!;
Uldwyna's Cael Caibre - 3th place among youngsters!

Paloma Picaso Roxera*LT in Turku (Finland) show was nominated to Best on the first day, received BIV and closed her European Champion title on the second day.
She is the first female in Lithuania, that has such high title!
Uldwina's Cael Caibre received BIV TOTAL on the first day!

I am very happy about successful cat show in Vilnius: male Cael Caibre won BIV both days and was nominated to BEST!; BonBon de Noble got BIV TOTAL on the first day and NOM BIS on the second and female Viktorija Kates Akis received BIV TOTAL!

Female of cattery Uranija Kates Akis in show of Olzstyn on 2009 08 15 was nominated to BEST!
Male Cael Caibre was successfull on the next day - he received BIV and was nominated as the most beautiful kitten in whole show - BIS kitten 3-6 cat.3!!!

2009.05.09 in international cat show in Lodze BonBon de Noble was nominated as the best
cat in third class!
2009.02.15 in international cat show in Warsawa Bonbon de Noble was the best kitten
in third category, 6-10 months year old kitten class.
GIC Paloma Picasse in International show in Minsk on 2009.02.21 repeated her
achievment of the previuos year - again second place in BEST OF BEST!!!
According to the results of 2008 show results, Lithuanian TOPCAT:

GIC Paloma Picasso Roxera - 4th place in adults class!
IC Jingle Bells Rosa Glauca - 8th place in adults class!
BonBon de Noble - 9th place in youth class!
Jingle Bells Rosa Glauca - 10th place in yout class!

2008.11.02 in Minsk - unbelievable luck of Paloma - 2nd place in BEST OF BEST!
2008.11.01 international cat show in Minsk - Paloma received BIS NOM, BEST IN SHOW, BIV!
2008.06.01 kitten litter of Paloma - Best litter in LGAC show in WCF system!